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The Company recognises it has a duty of care to ensure that all work activities are undertaken with a high standard of Occupational Health and Safety procedures (OHS) for all employees, contractors and visitors. All employees have a reciprocal Duty of Care to ensure they assist management in achieving an injury free workplace.

We are committed to achieving this through:

  • The provision of adequate funding and resources;
  • Gaining the total involvement and commitment of all the Company employees to achieve an accident free and healthy workplace;
  • Proactively seeking to eliminate unacceptable risks through a systematic risk identification and assessment process that is an integrated part of day to day operations;
  • Providing level of leadership and training to ensure that all work is managed to achieve a safe efficient and productive outcome;
  • Complying with all applicable legislation, acts, regulations, codes of practice and standards; and
  • Ensuring this Health and Safety Policy is available to all Company employees, contractors, visitors and interested parties, and that they are informed of, and understand their obligations with respect to this Policy.